Who we are and What we do

In a few words: We manufacture and sell the furniture

We constantly analyze the market and create the furniture models that will be sold in large quantities and that are easy to produce.


After creating a new model, we test each item. We have our own websites and stores on popular marketplaces and we know all sales technologies.

If the model met the expectations, we develop a promotion plan and create all sales tools: manuals (text form and video) and presentations (marketing description, photo, video and AR).


Then we produce furniture at our facilities or place orders with partner manufactures.


​We have extensive manufacturing linkages that allow us to consult with manufacturers and our own technologists and manufacture products that can be sold and mass-produced.


You not only get popular furniture models, but also a complete marketing package.


Our history

The “MECANO” team was initially organized as a sales team.

We have developed only the sales direction: our own retail network, online stores, trade on marketplaces and B2B direction, which provides more than 500 partner stores with furniture. We produced furniture at the facilities of our partners.


In the course of the sales process, we found that there is a shortage of explainer content on the market, which plays an important role in online sales, the share of which is constantly growing. As a result, we created our own studio and a team that produces explainer content based on sales experience: photos, video reviews and augmented reality (AR) files.


Many mass-produced furniture models are designed so that a person can easily and comfortably assemble furniture on their own. This requires competent experience-based instructions. We have our own assembly team that advises on all issues. This makes it possible to create instructions that help to assemble the desired model as comfortably and quickly as possible.


As a result, we established our own production unit in order to create prototypes for tests and mass-produce the wood furniture.

Our team

Examples of models and works

Let's show our work using one of the models as an example


“Delicia” Bed

A simple and versatile model that fits almost any interior if you choose the right color.

Completely wooden bed, which is equipped with reinforced slats to withstand any load.


Supplied in two packs of dense corrugated cardboard.


Components are folded in packaging to minimize the possible loss and damage during transport.


The design is thought out so that the assembly is as easy as possible and the buyers raise less questions.


Complete with detailed assembly instructions and we provide a complete set of materials for online sales: photo, video, description, paper and video instructions.


Can be branded individually for each partners.

High quality photos

We understand the importance of good photos in online sales, so we built our own two-color studio, in which we make high quality photo and video content.

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We take photos from different angles and capture important details that buyers are interested in when choosing the furniture.


We can take a photo personally for each partner: change the angles, background, decorations and general style.


For the photo, we select additional products that are easy to buy almost anywhere in the world: floor-lamps, wall bracket lamps, carpets, bed linen and paintings. You can find a supplier of such products in your country and establish sales of related products.


In the process of selecting, when shopping for furniture online, the buyer needs to consider the item in as much detail as possible, since the purchase is not often made. The video demonstrates the appearance perfectly.

We make short video so that the buyer can quickly see the appearance and the necessary details.


We show a close-up of a general view of the model and its components. The buyer can see the details in the photo, as it is much more convenient, and one can concentrate on each part separately.


As a decoration, we use elements that can be easily purchased almost anywhere in the world. This allows partners to establish sales of related products.


We can shoot videos individually for each partner, optimized for a specific market.

​ Instructions

The instructions should be as simple and understandable as possible so that the buyer does not have any reason to contact store managers for advice. We make step-by-step paper and video instructions.

Video instructions

Schematic video instructions clearly and conveniently demonstrate the process of assembling furniture.

If the buyer is not comfortable using step-by-step paper instructions, we offer using video instructions.


In addition, these instructions are useful for automated customer processing (CRM). You can send links to video instructions in SMS and Messengers.


In the instructions, we show in detail the assembly of each component and unit. We clearly indicate which tools need to be used for assembly.

Augmented reality 

A modern tool that allows the buyer to clearly see how the furniture will look as part of his interior. In addition to the demonstration, it has a powerful WOW effect, helping the buyer to make a choice in favor of buying a particular model.

Instagram AR objects

US sales (test)

A modern tool that allows the buyer to clearly see how the furniture will look as part of his interior. In addition to the demonstration, it has a powerful WOW effect, helping the buyer to make a choice in favor of buying a particular model.

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Office contact details

9 Inglezi Str., Odesa city, Ukraine

Tel: +38(096)191-2121

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